After hearing those commercials relentlessly and being backed by a "famous" sports reporter here in San Diego, well that was enough of a backing that led us to hire Kerry Steigerwalt's Pacific Law Center. We should have known something was up with the heavy sales pitch we were given upon our first meeting with a representative of the company. To boot he wasn't even an attorney/paralegal. Just a high pressure salesperson. Attorneys who misrepresent themselves as did this firm should be punished to the furthest extent the law will allow. They are vultures preying on desperate people in desperate times. They are the lowest of the low in my opinion.

We did file a complaint with the State Bar of California. Still yet to hear back with the outcome. This is a bit of information that some might not know and that is that Kerry Steigerwalt was being brought before the State Bar in late November to have the many complaints presented to them.

Final mentioning on our behalf and that is we will be losing our home due to their actions or I should say nonactions.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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I am dealing with a representative from pacific national law center. very rude with a thick spanish accent.

She has no concern with saving my home in fact she was yelling at me over a late payment and told me to "just walk away" after i have been paying the company money. She is holding my home hostage claiming she can modify the loan for X amount of dollars and save it from foreclosure. I was scammed into the sales pitch but once you agree for them to help you they treat you awful.

It doesn't help she is hard to understand because her english is terrible and she shows no concern whatsoever with saving my home for me and my growing family. what did i get myself into?


I was represented by A James Antonini to try to save my home. I was able to receive a settlement and Antonini took $20,000 thru an illegal tax scheme I didn't want or even need and unconscionable billing for work not done.

A California State Bar Association has been filed against A James Antonini, Alameda Co real estate attorney.

Details are available on ajamesantonini.com.


We are sorry to here of your troubles. Please know that the San Diego Bankruptcy Law Firm has offered to take Pacific Law Center cases and we only charge what you owe to Kerry Steigerwalt's firm. Please feel free to visit us at www.gobksandiego.com or call us at 877-GOBK619

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